Captcha – simple way to protect your website

What is captcha?

CAPTCHA is a application that is designed to protect websites against Bots by automatically telling humans and computers apart. The program is commonly used across the internet, particularly when purchasing products online.

Why my website need captcha?

It is good to practise to eliminate automated traffic that tries to break into a website or leave spam messages in comments. Large Botnets with millions of bots try to sniff the whole internet every minute looking for a potential hole in a website to gain access to it. Protecting your website with captcha changes a game radically by eliminating most of the threads.

What can I do about botnets?

There are few and simple good practices on how to protect your website. Tradik does most of it automatically, but if you are missing some point please let us know and we would recommend the best steps for your website.

  • Keep your website behind a fence like CloudFlare.
  • Have captcha installed on all forms, comments and places when a user can input data.
  • Have a firewall filters on
  • Have Aksamit plugin installed and activated ( comments )
  • Use SSL
  • Have a policy on old posts and pages to disable comments after XX days.

How difficult it is to install captcha?

Not at all. Here are pre-requirements:

  • 10 minutes of time
  • google account
  • wp administrator account

If for some reason it is too much hassle for you. Drop us a line!!!

By default, we install WordPress plugin to all clients, now.  Although it is not activated.


Easy steps to get things activated.

  1. Obtain API keys from Google by clicking here
    1. Put Label as your website,
    2. Select type to v3,
    3. Enter your domain where this will be working,
    4. you can add our email ( [email protected] ) to owners so we can help you in future,
    5. Tick on ‘Allow key to work with AMP pages’
    6. Accept Terms of Services,
    7. Click Submit.
    8. On a new page, you will see your keys do not close window as you will need them later.
  2.  Go to your WordPress backend ( https://<yourdomain>.com/wp-admin/ )  [ login]
  3.  Navigate to  Plugins/Installed Plugins Tab
  4.  Activate Google Captcha
  5. Go to plugin settings and configure it:

Junior Fronted Developer

We are looking for a person with skills of required for front-end development position for several projects.

Requirements & specs:

  • HTML5(w3c) standards – required
  • CSS – required
  • JavaScript (nice to know : jQuery, Angular, Node ) – required
  • Material Design understanding – required
  • AMP or Facebook Simple pages – required
  • Bootstrap understanding
  • design UX/UI knowledge
  • know WordPress, Drupal, Movable Type or other CMS
  • PHP some understanding level (nice to know composer )
  • Understand social media platforms for design purposes
  • Also is able to style a website for a client needs (theme settings)
  • English speaking

Work type: remote contract
Hours: flexible

Please send us your CV, availability and links to 3 webpages you have completed to [email protected] with subject: Junior Fronted Developer


WordPress Manager

We are looking for a person with a knowlage of WordPress CMS for our several projects including online shops.

Requirments & specs:

  • know WordPress CMS,
  • know onlineshop plugins,
  • able to install and configure plugins,
  • set up and configure themes (like Avada etc.),
  • design UX/UI knowlage,
  • control content,
  • Also is able to style a website for a client needs (theme settings),
  • English speaking,
  • Have at least 3 websites completed,

Work type: remote contract
Hours: flexible

Please send us your CV, avalibility and links to 3 webpages you have completed to [email protected] with subject: WordPress Manager


New development servers

Company invested money into development powerfull servers in south-west Germany. Servers will be mainly used to develop and test new technologies and exchange products.

Company Startup

The company has been registered in England and Wales under company number 7139005 On 28th January 2010.